Making an appointment online has never been easier! GoAppointed – online appointment request service lets you pick the date, time and location that works for you.

  • GoAppointed helps customers from, not getting Frustrated for kept in the waiting room for too long a time
  • GoAppointed provides an Open Platform to handle any kind of appointments. Be a Doctor or Hair stylist/SPA or any business owner…. Just schedule your availability in GoAppointed and get your customers book their appointments
  • GoAppointed is an online appointment system for any kind of non-emergency services


OCIMS-POS is not just a point of sale. Its highly configurable settings enable it to automatically configure itself to operate off-line/on-line depending on the state of your network. Off-line orders are later synchronized with on-line orders as soon as Network is recovered. Our POS process designer is a symbol of sophistication and flexibility that characterizes OCIMS-POS functional features.

It also has its built-in Operation Center data synchronization system that enables a direct two-way communication with the Operation Center for Menu Data definition updates and sales data consolidation.

Its Call center Operation support enables total sales reconciliation with Call center records. At times of communication failures, it complements call center operations by enabling Delivery order taking at POS level that later gets synchronized with Call center records.

Smart Assist

Smart Assist, the work force tracking solution is a location based service which helps enterprises with large remote workers to manage their work force. The service is based on messages from mobiles and is compatible with all mobile technologies/providers.

Key Benefits

  • Precise information about Employee’s locations
  • Data can be used for Payroll
  • Reduced Travel Expenses
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

Kitchen Order Management System

This Product is connected to the cash registers or POS terminals in the restaurant via a ‘bump bar’ controller which is used to control the path of food orders through the kitchen. Unlike other Kitchen, this system can support Kitchen display management as well as Kitchen Printers to print orders in kitchen.

As orders are taken at the point of sale, they are automatically sent to the kitchen monitors via the controller. Orders are displayed on the screens, informing staff what need to be cooked and when. Once the orders are ready, the bump bar is used to clear orders off the screens.

Key Benefits

  • Orders are more visible in the kitchen
  • Orders get to the kitchen faster (electronic routing)
  • Countdown timers show how long orders have been waiting
  • Red screen alerts show orders overdue
  • Timers are used to track serve times for each order
  • On-demand reports show order times and problem areas.